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Legal Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions stipulated in this page regulate the use of the Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V., S.A. of C.V. web site and of the information and materials contained in the site. Please read carefully these terms and conditions before using the site. The browsing and use of the site means that you accept these terms and conditions. If you are not in agreement with these terms and conditions please do not use the site. Nature of the information The information contained in this site makes reference to products and services offered by Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V. The company does not take responsibility of damagesderived from the use of the contents in this site. We reserve the right to update, modify or to eliminate the information contained in the site, being able to limit or not disallow the access to this information. Although the information in this site has been carefully prepared and published, it could contain technical or typewritten errors. Limitations in the precision, veracity and convenience of information accessible via the Internet do exist. We advise our visitors and clients to verify this information with a sales executive in order to make a purchasing decision. The information contained in this site is only provided for illustrative intentions and as general information and does not create a business relation or constitute a professional services commitment. The business practices, the business challenges, production technology and the laws and regulations vary according to the country of residence and change often from time to time, and the conformity with such standards depends on the particular circumstances. Since the information of the Internet site resides in computers and operates from software that is not property of Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V. nor they are under the administration of our company, the access to the site and to the information in it cannot be guaranteed by the company. the availability and continuity of the operation of the site and its use happens under risk of the own user. Also by means of the use of this site, the user recognizes and accepts that Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V., S.A. of C.V. does not control, neither guarantees the absence of virus in the contents of the site or the sites that could be connected to our site by the use of links, nor the absence of other elements that could produce alterations in their computer systems or digital documents and archives stored in their computer systems. For this reason Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V.do not assume any responsibility, and it cannot be forced to repair the damage with respect to the viruses that could infect the user´s computer as a cause of the access of the user to the site, or browsing through the pages of the site,or the download of data, text, images, video, or audio of the Internet site. The reproduction and total or partial broadcasting of the information and/or procedures presented/displayed in the site are strictly prohibited, except for the cases where it is clearly indicated that the use of information is authorized. The violation of this disposition is punished by copyright laws.Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V. has reserved copyrights.

Use of registered trade names and Copyrights

The name and corporate logotype of Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V. are trade marks and registered marks. This Intellectual Property is protected by the Mexican laws.

Use of Cookies

The User authorizes Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V.the use of "Cookies" or any other type of alphanumeric identifiers, with the purpose of publishing and accesing in the most convenient manner the elements contained in the site. If the User does not wish to accept these elements, then it will be his responsibility to deactivate the use of coookies or to use programs created with the purpose of unloading these elements in his computer.

Privacy policy

Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V.considers that the personal information of the visitors to our site is private and confidential, by that reason it is stored in a safe place solely accesible for the personnel specifically designated within our company and it is used only and exclusively for the aims for which it was provided. Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V.will not share the personal information that has been provided by the user with other people, unless it is required to provide a service or a product solicited by the User.

Revisions to the terms and the conditions

Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V.reserves the right to modify or to amend the legal terms of the Internet site at any time and for any reason. If the user continues the use of the Internet site after any change takes place, the userrecognizes the acceptance of those changes.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The user doing use of the pages contained in the Internet site belonging to Quality Growers / Flores la Vereda S.A. de C.V.de Mexico, S.A. of C.V. recognizes and accepts in a expressed way, to be put under in case of any controversy, in the jurisdiction of the Mexico City and the country of Mexico courts, as well as the applicable laws effective in this place, resigning specifically to any other jurisdiction that by reason for its nationality or address could correspond.